Stay Grounded with Talamh

September promises to be an exciting month on the Copper Coast, as The Art Hand premieres their innovative new Talamh festival.

Talamh will see 30 environmental artists coming together from areas as far flung as New Zealand and as local as Bunmahon to create art with organic material in an organic manner. Featured artists include Devin Devine, James Brunt and John Foreman — as well as many other internationally acclaimed creators.

Not Like Other Festivals

Unlike other festivals, Talamh will not follow a tradition “programme” format — rather, the artists will be encouraged to gravitate towards areas that naturally inspire them and create environmental art without adhering to a plan or agenda. This represents a new way of interacting with festivals as a member of the public — rather than rigorously scheduling your day, you are invited to explore and come across art as it unfolds. 

Organisers anticipate that this innovative festival model will allow those who attend to play a more collaborative role in the event. Rather than merely being a spectator, you will be able to interact with artists at work and perhaps even participate in their creations. 

Evening Activities

In addition to the creation of art, Talamh offers plenty of opportunity for a bit of craic in the evenings. Activities such as film nights, music nights and social dancing will be open for artists and locals alike to mingle and celebrate all aspects of our Irish heritage. These events are all free, but some are ticketed for crowd capacity reasons. Anticipated highlights include the Women’s Creative Cafe on Wednesday 20th October.

Talamh promises to be a truly unforgettable event for all involved.

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