Creative Ireland (Waterford) Creative Arts Programme Co-ordinator position

Creative Ireland (Waterford)

Creative Arts Programme Co-ordinator (pilot programme)


Expression of Interest


Creative Ireland (CI) is a five-year culture-based programme designed to promote individual, community and national wellbeing. The core proposition is that participation in cultural activity drives personal and collective creativity, with significant implications for individual and societal wellbeing and achievement.

Waterford City and County Council (WCCC) supports a Culture and Creativity Team who manage culture-led development in the administrative area and specifically aim to fulfil the mandate of Enabling Creativity in Every Community.


Services required

Waterford City and County Council (WCCC) now seeks Expressions of Interest from a suitably qualified and experienced individual to take on the role of Creative Arts Programme Co-ordinator to link with Social Prescribing and other community services. The main aim of the role is to facilitate the roll-out of a pilot project to establish linkages between Social Prescribing services and similar support services in Waterford and the Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Team as well as the Cultural Services of Waterford City and County Council (in particular Library and Arts Departments)

Closing date for submission of Expression of Interest is July 20th 2021.


Social Prescribing (SP) is a means of enabling doctors and other frontline healthcare professionals to refer patients to a Social Prescribing Coordinator. The Waterford Social Prescribing Service is managed by the Sacred Heart Family Resource Centre and is funded by Slaintecare. There currently are two Social Prescribing Coordinators in Waterford, one servicing the city and the other the county. The role of the Coordinator is to provide clients with a face to face conversation during which clients can learn about the possibilities and design their own personalised solutions, i.e. ‘co-produce’ their ‘social prescription’- so that people with social, emotional or practical needs are empowered to find solutions which will improve their health and wellbeing, often using services and activities provided by the voluntary and community sector.


These activities can include activities such as Physical activity; Reading groups/books for health; Self-help programmes; Arts and creativity; Men’s Sheds; Community gardening; etc.


This pilot is a collaborative project between Creative Ireland Waterford, WCCC Cultural Services, Waterford Health Promotion Unit & Healthy Waterford and is funded by Creative Ireland. It is expected that the pilot will run for 15 weeks from approximately July to November 2021.


Reporting directly to the Creative Ireland Waterford Coordinator, this exciting and dynamic role requires a self-motivated and self-directed individual to facilitate setting up the pilot programme and create linkages as detailed here:


  1. Targeted events.

Two sets of participatory events (such as classes or workshops) over two four-week periods between August and October 2021 (8 events in total). These events will be based on cultural activities in the area of creativity – e.g. theatre, visual and other arts, painting, dance, literature, poetry, heritage etc via WCCC Cultural Services (Library and Arts) and their connections with other organisations in the local authority area.

The pilot programming will be supplemented by enhanced communication and connections between WCCC Cultural Services staff and Social Prescribing Coordinators to ensure that all relevant programming is accessible to social prescribing clients as required, however the programming will be aimed at and advertised to the general public.


  1. Shared learning:
    • A peer to peer event to be organised whereby WCCC Creativity and Culture Team and arts organisations / creatives can explain what services, classes & communications are available for staff of Healthy Waterford, Social Prescribing, Family Resource Centres and other service providers to learn about benefits of creativity and the arts.
    • A training programme to be put in place in consultation with stakeholders for shared learning about social prescribing and what needs clients have. The aim is to ensure that library and other WCCC staff understand that the clients may require additional supports such as time and attention to attend events, join the library, begin a class, attend an exhibition or group etc.


  1. Network set-up:

Ongoing relationship building between the creative sector, WCCC Creativity and Culture Team, WCCC Cultural Services staff, Social Prescribing staff and other wellness service providers in Waterford to develop common understanding of needs of the public and service users via a network.


The role will include, but is not limited to the following duties:


Liaison and event organisation

  • Work with library staff, arts officers and creativity & arts organisations to examine programming provision for the pilot period of time.
  • Engage with social prescribers and other service providers to develop a needs analysis on what events would be attractive to SP clients and general public.
  • Organise events with providers
    • Session 1; Creative programming August / September (4 sets of 4 classes / talks / sessions)
    • Session 2: Creative programming September / October 2021 (4 sets of 4 classes / talks / sessions)
  • Organise peer-to-peer programming for staff training as detailed above.
  • Develop evaluation and impact methodology in consultation with stakeholders
  • Assist in the development of a network for ongoing collaboration.



  • Organise online & offline meetings between relevant stakeholders
  • Provide information for reports for Creative Ireland
  • Develop communications and marketing materials for general public and facilitate bookings as required.



  • Management of the pilot programme including promotion, evaluation process, payments, documentation and liaison with Creative Ireland administration.
  • Meetings; minutes and administration


Application process

Expression of Interest submissions received will be evaluated based on the following:



  • Minimum of two years experience in a relevant role including arts administration, social prescribing, arts and health, health promotion, creativity or culture related roles.
  • Experience of devising and implementing cultural programming
  • Experience in developing projects with a variety of stakeholders
  • Experience with managing budgets and payments.
  • Administrative and communications experience



  • Ability to work in a self-directed and self-motivated manner
  • Programming skills in a relevant area (arts, arts and health, culture, creativity, social prescribing)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills and the proven ability to multitask and work to tight deadlines.
  • Excellent and proven IT skills with knowledge of all Microsoft applications (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), website updates, online surveys and social media.



  • Appropriate training or academic qualification in arts and health / culture/creative/ arts related discipline or in project / event management is desirable but not essential.


Please submit the following in your Expression of Interest:

  • Up to date CV. (Maximum 2 pages)
  • Cover letter outlining your suitability for the position.
  • Details of relevant work experience and skills outlining details of two recent projects or roles that best demonstrate your suitability for the post. (Maximum 2 pages)
  • Qualifications: Details of appropriate training or academic qualification in culture/creative/ arts related discipline or in project / event management if available.


Submission dates and contact details

 Please submit any requests for clarifications by July 15th 2021.

Closing date for submission of Expression of Interest is July 20th 2021.


ALL correspondence to be sent to

Please put Creative Arts Coordinator name (insert your surname) in all correspondence.


Terms and conditions


  • The service contract amount is €4,500 excluding VAT for the period of the contract and is the total amount excluding pre agreed out of pocket expenses such as travel to events. (Applicants must allow for VAT (PSWT may apply), insurance, travel to and from work and other costs).
  • This is a 15 week contract where the service provider is expected to work 15 hours per week, scheduled to suit the needs of the CI project.
  • This role includes flexible working during standard office hours, evenings and weekends as required.
  • Project deliverables will be agreed in advance and will be reviewed regularly.
  • Fortnightly invoices and timesheets should be submitted in arrears.
  • The contractor must be able to travel to and from events independently via public transport or private car. If by car, evidence of a valid driving licence, NCT and insurance must be provided.
  • The contract may roll over if additional funding is made available, subject to successful performance and programme requirements.
  • Shortlisting will be carried out on the basis of applications received. Shortlisted applicants may be invited to interview.
  • The appointment will be on the basis of a fixed-term, all-inclusive Contract for Services issued by Waterford City and County.
  • Home working is required for this post, office space will not be made available unless there is a requirement for such space and this is at the discretion of WCCC.
  • The contractor shall be an independent service provider and not the employee of
  • Canvassing will automatically disqualify applicants. Waterford City and County Council reserve the right to (1) contract direct from submissions received, or (2) to compile a shortlist of applicants to call to interview, or (3) not to award the contract.



Prior to appointment of contract, the following will be required:


Legal Status

Details of the legal status of the tenderer.



A valid Tax Clearance Certificate for the duration of the contract.


Tax Clearance Certificate

It will be a condition of award of this contract and any subsequent contract that the successful tenderer comply with all EU and national tax laws.  Tenderers are referred to the Irish Revenue web site Non-resident tenderers should apply to the Office of the Revenue Commissioners, Non-Resident Tax Clearance Unit, Office of the Collector General, Sarsfield House, Francis Street, Limerick, Ireland; e-mail:


Withholding Tax

Relevant payments shall be subject to Irish ‘Professional Services Withholding Tax’ at the prevailing rate (currently at 20%) as laid down by the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland. Non-residents may be able to reclaim such deducted Tax from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland, International Claims Section located currently at Government Buildings, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland (Tel: +353-67-63400).


Health & Safety

All health and safety aspects of the project must be addressed as per Section 20 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005.



All plans, reports, photographs and documents prepared by the successful tenderer on foot of this appointment will be considered the property of Waterford City and County Council and may be used by them at any time, including for other projects, without the prior approval of the tenderer.


Notification of Evaluations

All parties will be informed of the outcome of their proposals following evaluation and any necessary clarifications.

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