Waterford written and produced play called Flood

For two nights in October 2021, the Theatre Royal in Waterford showcased a locally written and produced play called ‘FLOOD’

‘FLOOD’, by Ger Bourke was a new two-hander play that took a look into the lives of Stella and Jack, a married couple in their fifties adrift in a small boat in modern day Ireland. The rising water knocked out all lines of communication. Power lines. Electricity. Television masts. Phone masts. Covered all stop signs. As they desperately bailed water from their now sinking boat the interaction became frantic. Can anything be salvaged from a marriage that is literally and metaphorically; ‘on the’ rocks, before it is too late.

This play which was dark, extremely moving and often very funny was directed by Jim Nolan. Jim is a founder member and former Artistic Director of Red Kettle Theatre Company and a former Writer in Association at the Abbey Theatre. Jim describes ‘Flood’ as a ‘dark, extremely moving  and often very funny new play’.

STELLA, played by Jenni Ledwell is in her fifties married to Jack. Abandoned by her mother as a child, she never felt she is good enough or deserved anything. She craves the attention she never had.

Actress Jenni Ledwell has worked and toured Ireland delivering stellar performances with Red Kettle Theatre Company and Druid Theatre Company amongst many others. Her most recent performance was in Jim Nolan’s highly aclaimed sold out run of ‘Red Iron’. Jenni says of this play, ‘It’s an amazing piece. Ive waited a long time to be in it. It is a joy…An absolute joy. This piece will blow your mind.

JACK, played by Joe Meagher is in his fifties. Married to Stella, emotionally distant due to a traumatic incident in his past, Joe is afraid or unable to let his feelings show. Joe has been a professional actor for almost thirty years, working and touring extensively with companies such as Red Kettle, Corcadorca, Broken Crow, Bag-a-Cats and Rigout Productions.

This hilarious, dark twisted play takes you on a million and one turns throughout epic, endearing and true to heart performances. Ger Bourke’s beautiful lyrical script is brought to life by Jim Nolan’s expert hand.

Produced by Éadaoin Breathnach as a co-production of Rigout Productions and  Bag-a-Cats Theatre Company. Supported by Waterford City and County Council, Creative Ireland Waterford, Art Links and The Imagine Festival. This project brought together professionals in theatre in Waterford to produce a piece of theatre that is accessible and relatable. 

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