‘Waiting Space’ audio & visual project

‘Waiting Space’ is an audio & visual project – and the alias of Waterford musician and creator, Chris Falconer.

As ‘Waiting Space’, he creates music which typically blends electronics & live-instrumentation. Each piece of musical-output is then ‘complemented’ by visuals which he creates in response – including artwork, animations, and short films. Due to a heightened-risk arising from immunosuppressing medication which the artist takes for an autoimmune disease – like many others, he has been undertaking the practice of ‘cocooning’, during COVID-19.

His most recent release, the instrumental piece, ‘Cocoon’, takes its name from this – and is a mixture of delicate piano melodies, and triumphant, atmospheric electronics – sounds which, in their own way, are a timely mixture of ‘uncertainty’ and steadfast ‘hopefulness’. The video which the artist made to accompany ‘Cocoon,’ was assembled from drone-footage of an almost-empty Waterford City, Ireland, taken in April 2020, during COVID-19 – filmed within 2km of artist’s home.

While we are in very strange times, with lots of heartbreak and sadness – he attempted to focus on some of the beautiful aspects and landmarks of Waterford City, made more impactful by the quiet streets that surround these spaces, during this global phenomena. Waiting Space has dedicated the piece, with huge thanks, to all those healthcare-workers, shopkeepers, media, cleaners, & other front-line workers who have given so much, during these unusual times.

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