Shared Island Funding Awarded to Waterford City and County Council

This week just seems to be full of exciting news! Today saw a national announcement that marks a new chapter and a new friendship for Creative Waterford.

Waterford City and County Council have been officially awarded Shared Island funding from Creative Ireland and will be partnering with Mid & East Antrim Borough Council (MEABC) on a new initiative called “Building Shared Creative Communities”.

So What Does This Actually Mean?

This means that over the next two years, we’re going to be forming a very close relationship with MEABC. Together, we’re going to explore opportunities to enhance the creativity within both communities.

In terms of what this will look like in practice; bear with us. We’re spilling over with ideas of creative initiatives on both sides of the border – but the first thing we need to do is identify what would be of most benefit to the communities in both regions.

What we do know for certain is that both areas are positively brimming with creative and talented residents who have so much to offer, and now we have further opportunity to let that shine on a national level.

How Do We Hear More?

Don’t worry – as soon as we know more, we’ll be letting you know. This is all about communities, so we need your help to make our vision of sharing creativity come to life.

Keep a close eye on our social media channels for any and all updates – but for today’s purposes, let’s just celebrate a really exciting time ahead for Waterford!

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