Open Call Projects 2023

A huge and hearty congratulations to all our fabulous Open Call projects from 2023. Each and every one of you amazed and astounded us. You proved yet again that there is no limit to the amount of creativity in our Waterford community, and that it can be used to drive forward placemaking, wellbeing, integration, education, sustainability, and so much more. The magic you have created is worth any amount of paperwork — and that’s saying something!

So What Exactly is the Open Call?

If you’re new to Creative Waterford, or just were never too sure what we meant by Open Call, let’s rewind a few steps. Every year, we put a call out to the Waterford city and county community to pitch us their creative projects. These aren’t just any creative projects — they’re projects that use creativity to somehow benefit the community in line with our Culture and Creativity Strategy.

Our Open Call generally opens for applications in the first quarter of the year. In the lead up to this, we intend to run grant writing clinics, and to release a toolkit with brainstorming exercises for anyone considering making an application. Do keep an eye on our social media for updates on this in early 2024.

In the Interim

Whether you’re one of our 2023 success stories, a potential applicant for 2024, or just an interested onlooker — pour yourself a cup of tea, shut out the world for approximately three minutes, and watch this fabulous compilation award-winning Waterford videographer John Bermingham has put together showcasing some of our fantastic projects from this year. Bravo!

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