Know Your 5KM Heritage Project

The KnowYour5k project is all about sharing the story of your local place. “Our Irish Heritage” are interested in hearing about the hidden heritage that surrounds us all. They’d also love to see how heritage inspires you.

If you have a poem, story or painting of a particular site, monument or place please do share that too. The emphasis of KnowYour5k is on the ‘Your’ – what are your discoveries, stories, tales or places. In essence, we are most interested in what you are most interested in. This is a project that you can enjoy as a family, or take on as your own mission.

KnowYour5k is a collaboration between the Heritage Council of Ireland’s Adopt a Monument Scheme and the National Museum of Ireland. The Adopt a Monument Scheme is managed by Abarta Heritage on behalf of the Heritage Council of Ireland.

For guidelines on the KnowYour5k project please see here

For more information about the Adopt a Monument scheme, please see here:

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