Grattan Square, Dungarvan – Documentary
May 11, 2020
Coiste Logainmneacha – Placenames of Waterford (Villierstown)
May 12, 2020

MyWaterford Photo Project

We are continuing the exciting photography initiative set up in collaboration with the Waterford News and Star to showcase the best of Waterford pride, now that the lock-down limits have eased.
We can now travel anywhere within our wonderful county, and up to 20km if we leave it.

This photography project was set up to track and to showcase the best of Waterford pride, first within the 2km limit, then 5km and now the entire County during lock-down.  Please continue to submit your excellent pictures, stories, video etc. from your experience as you being to re-explore the Déise. We have something very exciting planned for the culmination of this project.

Follow #MyWaterford2km , #MyWaterford5km or #MyWaterford for details …

#TGIF lovely stretch in the evening, when you can walk country roads after work. Beats the traffic jams. @deirdrelanglang @MermaidSea @OliveHanley #100Daysofwalking #mywaterford5km @theauldsthretch

Oh holy God, it's windy out there. 🌬️ 🌬️🌬️🌊🌊🌊#100daysofwalking #mywaterford5km #dunnoreeast @deirdrelanglang @MermaidSea @OliveHanley

All alone in the harbour, the Caronia 2 on a 🥶🥶🥶 night, oh that wind chill. #100daysofwalking #mywaterford5km #dunmoreeast @deirdrelanglang @MermaidSea @OliveHanley @CiddyTours

Have you spotted the signage in the Tramore Nature Park? @creativeirl Funded 3 illustrated information panels on nature & wildlife.
If you visit the park, take a photo & share the beautiful views of Tramore, Waterford.
#MyWaterford5km #WhereinWaterford #CreativeIreland

We are so lucky in Waterford to be so close to mountains, coastline, woods and rivers. 🗻🏞🌅🛤

The staff of Dungarvan Library have put together some photos from their favourite walks, to inspire you to get out in the nature this week!🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚴‍🛴🚲

#MyWaterford5km #KeepWell

I screamed when I opened the curtains! Later this beautiful hen pheasant came out into the light....enjoy the #sneachta today. #StayHome #100DaysofWalking #MyWaterford5km

Planning on getting some fresh air this weekend?
Take a library audiobook for company! Download 1000s of audiobooks for free with your library card and listen on the go - download BorrowBox and get started.

#MyWaterford5KM #KeepWell #100daysofwalking

Meet Cllr Damien Geoghegan who is taking part in our 0-5km programme. Why not join Damien on his 0-5km journey. It is never too late to start, you will find week 1 of the 0-5km Podcast live on our website now! #mywaterford5km

Are you doing our Let’s Run Programme? Check out this week’s 'One Minute Mindset Tip' with Tony Sullivan (Exercise Psychologist). Tony will give us a new useful tip every Wednesday over the next 6 weeks to keep us motivated and on track to reaching our 5km target. #mywaterford5km

Meet Bernice busy Mum to Chloe who is taking part in our Let's Run 0-5km programme. With a hectic life the podcast is an ideal way to get active at a time that suits her lifestyle. Why not join her on her journey. #mywaterford5km #keepwell

Keep up your daily walks with one of our library audiobooks - download on @BorrowBox and listen on the go!

#MyWaterford5KM #KeepWell #100daysofwalking

If you're out in nature this weekend, take a library audiobook with you.
Download 1000s of audiobooks for free with your library card and listen on the go - download BorrowBox and get started!

#MyWaterford5KM #KeepWell #100daysofwalking

Great to receive the 2021 calendar from @WaterfordCounci , Better again they printed my pics, part of the #MyWaterford2km & #MyWaterford5km lockdown initiative from March-May, there I am among the likes of @maryroche @glennpsheridan @damiengeoghegan @foxglovelane @FiachraOCr 😃

During the lockdown period, Waterford people captured wonderful photographs around the county & shared them on social media.
What a beautiful county we live in!
Images can be viewed on
@WaterfordCounci @creativeirl

#MyWaterford5km #Waterford

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