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April 24, 2020

Where In Waterford ?

The #WhereInWaterford hashtag has become popular in recent weeks and is a great opportunity to get involved in something online. Mostly appearing on Twitter, simply click the hashtag and see can you identify the strange and wonderful photos from around the City & County. They are sure to prove great conversation and bring back many memories.

Hat Tip: Julie Ward

I dropped an envelope with about €50 around 6pm today just outside Tesco Ardkeen. I saw a woman pick it up and get back in her car (didn't notice then it was mine!). My name should be on it, any RT would be lovely #whereinwaterford #waterford #visitwaterford @WaterfordPocket

A nice little fact about this lovely church in Co. Waterford is that the famous Atheist and author of the God Delusion, Richard Dawkins, was married in this place to his first wife in 1967. But #whereinwaterford is it? @RichardDawkins

You'll all be delirah and excirah to hear that for the period of LEVEL 5 I'll go back to doing WORD OF THE DAY.
😁🤗😘 #WordOfTheDay Can we get #whereinWaterford back too? @JulieWard_ #Waterford

#NationalHeritageWeek Would you like to be an ironwork detective? Your mission is to seek out examples of ironwork in #Waterford and photograph or draw them. The images with any information should be emailed to info@waterfordmuseum.ie

Followers of #WhereinWaterford 😀😀

So, @cocomairead just declared #Waterford as the new #Galway! I'm not being biased but I think it's better. The beautiful beaches, mountains, river, city, towns and of course the @WaterfordGrnWay. Would you agree? #whereinWaterford

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